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Release: Cassandra 0.6.1, A Bug fix release

Just a few days after the Best Evar released version, Cassandra has announced a new bug fix release including fixes for 13 issues:

  • fix NPE in sstable2json when no excluded keys are given (CASSANDRA-934)
  • keep the replica set constant throughout the read repair process (CASSANDRA-937)
  • allow querying getAllRanges with empty token list (CASSANDRA-933)
  • fix command line arguments inversion in clustertool (CASSANDRA-942)
  • fix race condition that could trigger a false-positive assertion during post-flush discard of old commitlog segments (CASSANDRA-936)
  • fix neighbor calculation for anti-entropy repair (CASSANDRA-924)
  • perform repair even for small entropy differences (CASSANDRA-924)
  • Use hostnames in CFInputFormat to allow Hadoop’s naive string-based locality comparisons to work (CASSANDRA-955)
  • cache read-only BufferedRandomAccessFile length to avoid 3 system calls per invocation (CASSANDRA-950)
  • nodes with IPv6 (and no IPv4) addresses could not join cluster (CASSANDRA-969)
  • Retrieve the correct number of undeleted columns, if any, from a supercolumn in a row that had been deleted previously (CASSANDRA-920)
  • fix index scans that cross the 2GB mmap boundaries for both mmap and standard i/o modes (CASSANDRA-866)
  • expose drain via nodetool (CASSANDRA-978)

As always you can get it from the ☞ download page.