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Rumors about a Hortonworks Acquisition

I’m catching up with the news these days and this rumor about Hortonworks from Curt Monash’s post sounds pretty big:

There’s a widespread belief that Hortonworks is being shopped. Numerous folks — including me — believe the rumor of an Intel offer for $700 million. Higher figures and alternate buyers aren’t as widely believed.

First of all, I don’t know anything about this—and just to be clear that means I really don’t know anything. But if it turns out to be true:

  1. it’s huge news for the Hadoop market
  2. it’s big news for the open source world as I think it would represent the 2nd largest acquisition of a pure open source company after MySQL. Achieved in 5th of the time
  3. this could make things simpler or much more complicated for Cloudera. Depending on how the acquirer will decide to operate the business
  4. this could be good news or pretty bad news for the Hadoop community and ecosystem considering the contributions Hortonworks made over time

If someone decides to drop me an “anonymous” email I promise I won’t hear anything.

Original title and link: Rumors about a Hortonworks Acquisition (NoSQL database©myNoSQL)