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nosql:eu - First day

In case you’ve missed the ☞ nosql:eu conference, you can find below the most interesting nosql:eu twits and some of the nosql:eu presentations. And make sure to check nosql:eu second day.

nosql:eu quotes

Check also the best twits from nosql:eu 2nd day

  • emileifrem: Very envious of the crowd that’s just about to roll into the @nosqleu venue. VolcaNoSQL has been rough, but it will still be a kickass show.
  • al3xandru: Make your twits through the ash cloud #nosqleu so those stopped by the #VolcaNoSQL can hear something too
  • nosqleu: All the equipment is set, the remote presentation setup has been tested and attendees are already pouring in. Let’s go — wish us luck!
  • jystewart: wow! @werner managed to get on an iceland-glasgow flight and so will make it to #nosqleu against all the odds
  • wwwicked: used Redis for analysis of leaked BNP membership list - mapping postcodes to constituencies #nosqleu
  • wwwicked: Guardian used a traditional RDBMS for first MPs expenses crowd-sourced review app; “possibly the worst possible implementation” #nosqleu

    Note: we’ve published a post on this topic Redis Usecase: replacing MySQL order by rand()

  • monkchips : Guardian Zeitgeist. “We use Big Table as a dumping ground for data you can sort by 1 or 2 columns when you need to” @simonw @nosqleu #nosql
  • zacksm: “spreadsheets are NoSQL too…” #nosqleu
  • kingsleydavies: use of #AppEngine and #BigTable w/ scatter/gather and shards at the guardian + GOOG sprdshts for rapid prototyping and releases.. #nosqleu
  • monkchips : “there is a form of NoSQL we have been using for years - spreadsheets”. says @simonw. #pragmatism #NoSQL #NoSQLeu
  • klbostee :The Guardian’s web architecture as shown at #nosqleu
  • matshenricson :Total total kick-ass presentation by two guys at ! The future of journalism, from a developer point of view. #nosqleu
  • monkchips : one of the best tech talks i have ever seen. @simonw and @matwal explained exactly how NoSQL supports the Guardian’s *business*. #nosqleu
  • philb0: You need to understand your DB query patterns before choosing a technology #nosqleu

    Note: last time I wrote about it was yesterday in considering data stores post.

  • awhitehouse: Use the right tool for the job » @timanglade at #nosqleu: “Let’s not hack a RDBMS to do a graph, let’s use a real graph database”
  • wwwicked: NoSQL sucks! It’s true… if you use it badly; e.g. don’t try analytics on a key-value store. #nosqleu
  • kingsleydavies: flagrant promotion ;-) #nosqleu 1 stop shop for NoSQL links and info…
  • ianmeyers : #nosqleu Wondering how many people have approached NOSQL from the perspective of NOT being anti-SQL?
  • mfiguiere: #nosqleu Le NoSQL n’est pas une question de volume de données, mais de représentation de données

    (trans): #nosqleu NoSQL is not a matter of volume of data, but data representation

  • wwwicked: “I am terrified of the uber database that is yet to come” - @matwall urges us to think Unix not Windows re: task/use-specific DBs #nosqleu
  • coderholic: Great morning so far at #nosqleu including spreadsheet backed websites from the guardian!
  • kingsleydavies: #nosqleu actually, some of the benefits of a choppy preso transmission, is I heard *enough* to want to chase up independantly
  • kingsleydavies: Key featr’s of #Riak: links, map-reduce, vctr clocks directly impl; dynmo conflict res; distrbtd, auto-scales (on the fly), durable #nosqleu
  • awhitehouse: awhitehouse Distributed key stores would benefit from better management tools (e.g. SNMP-based) - @hobbyist’s team looking at this. #nosqleu
  • benoitc: @mongodb definition by comparing itself to @CouchDB … #nosqleu
  • kingsleydavies: #nosqleu document oriented datastores sounds pretty much like ‘the new’ object DB to me ?
  • benoitc: for those in #nosqleu who have questions about #couchdb dont hesitate to ask me or to @endafarrell
  • matwall: MongoDB looking fantastic. I want one now! How best to pick from couch or mongo? #nosqleu
  • ck1125: wishing i booked a place to #nosqleu
  • buzzkills: Mongodb supports geolocation queries #nosqleu
  • kjlloydie: MongoDB looks really useful. Would love to see performance metrics for large datasets. #nosqleu
  • matwall: Wow. MongoDb features geo-location also. Beautiful query syntax in the python examples. #nosqleu
  • coderholic: The geo features of mongodb look very cool #nosqleu
  • wwwicked: MongoDB has quite a sexy update syntax. Geolocation features are nice, too. #nosqleu
  • buzzkills: Mongodb makes it easy to send deltas to your documents. Increase values, push values into arrays etc #nosqleu

    Note: it’s quite interesting to see that from tons of features, people got excited about geo support which was added only in the last MongoDB 1.4 release

  • wwwicked: Quite a hard sell by the MongoDB guy though. Far more so than the Riak guy #nosqleu
  • buzzkills: Mongodb prez is much more about what it does rather than how it does it, I think I would have prefered the latter. #nosqleu
  • jystewart: liking the look of mongodb’s geo features. not surprised @foursquare are using them #nosqleu
  • PaulDJohnston: #nosqleu I’m getting confused about when to use specific types of database… don’t just say “use mine” but “use mine for *this*”
  • mfiguiere:#nosqleu La plus large base MongoDB installée en production : 12 To sur une seule instance !

    Note: never heard of this MongoDB size before, so I’m wondering if the project is secret!

  • awhitehouse: Jonathan Ellis aka @spyced has just started a company called Riptano based around Cassandra #nosqleu

    Breaking: Riptano - First company focused on Cassandra started by Cassandra project chair, Jonathan Ellis

  • matwall: I wonder how cassandra knows which machines are in each rack? #nosqleu
  • mfiguiere: #nosqleu if your software wakes people up at 4 am to fix it, then you’re probably doing things wrong…
  • monkchips: Cassandra uses JMX? blimey. didn’t expect to hear that acronym today. “like most things in Java its quite clunky”. #cassandra #nosqleu
  • matwall: Feel like we’re watching the battle of the low end data structures at the mo. How does it help my business? #nosqleu
  • buzzkills: Good to hear digg are contributing a vector clock implementation to cassandra for the next version #nosqleu

    Note: Digg announced quite a few more goodies to be added to Cassandra. Some of them have already been included in the Cassandra 0.6.0 release

  • awhitehouse: @monkchips asked “what use cases does Cassandra cover?” - @spyced ref’d to this talk [“RDBMS’s don’t scale”] #nosqleu

    Note: Link to What every developer should know about database scalability presentation.

  • monkchips one of the most useful insights about “why NoSQL?” so far today. “data is more and more semi-structured” #nosqleu #neo4j
  • wwwicked Oh! Graph databases are nothing like what I pictured. No pun intended. #nosqleu
  • matwall Good examples of possible usages of Neo4j explained well. #nosqleu
  • kingsleydavies #nosqleu watching @thobe present on #neo4j graph DB. can already think og at least 1 use case to trial this.. great to see use cases in pres
  • kevinweil Looking forward to giving my #nosqleu talk remotely from TwitterHQ at 3am (11am London time) this morning
  • maslett #nosqleu phrase of the day: choose the best solution/tool/storage model for the job. There might be something in “Not Only SQL” after all
  • NeilRobbins For me the best talks of the day were the Cassandra & Riak talks, though thanks to the better quality audio the Cassandra talk wins #nosqleu
  • tom_wilkie #nosqleu good day. Guardian talk the best IMHO

Check also the best twits from nosql:eu 2nd day

nosql:eu presentations

Check also the nosql:eu presentations from 2nd day

NoSql at - Matthew Wall & Simon Willison

Slides from Matthew Wall (@matwall) & Simon Willison (@simonw) on NoSQL usage at

An Overview of NoSQL - Tim Anglade

Slides from Tim Anglade (@timanglade) An Overview of NoSQL

Key-value stores and Riak - Bryan Fink

Nothing here yet :(.

Document-oriented databases and MongoDB - Mathias Stearn

Slides from Mathias Stearn (remote) presentation on document-oriented databases and MongoDB

Column-oriented databases and Cassandra - Jonathan Ellis

Slides from Jonathan Ellis (@spyced) presentation on column-oriented databases and Cassandra:

Graph databases and Neo4j - Tobias Ivarsson

Slides from Tobias Ivarsson (@thobe) presentation on graph databases and Neo4j

Check also the nosql:eu presentations from 2nd day