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4 Modern Data Loading Tips to Save Time, Money & Your Sanity

April Healy for Attunity1:

Here are 4 tips for modern data loading that can save you a lot of time, money, and your sanity!

  1. Ditch the development — Look into data ingestion/integration software that frees up your developer hours. Save those hours for revenue generating projects that exploit the opportunities you uncover with all the new data you are able to analyze.
  2. Find your “wingman” — Partner with a company that has the right solutions for your business needs. Things you might need: the capability to handle heterogeneous data sources, minimal impact on the source systems, automated processes, and/or graphical interfaces that make set up a snap. Your wingman should be able to help you get the data into your BI environment when you want it without a lot of hassle.
  3. Consider ingesting all the data in raw form — Gone are the days when data had to be cleansed, no pristine, before it entered the hallowed halls of the data warehouse. Let your data analysts sort out what is valuable within the BI environment. Who knows what nuggets they will find.
  4. Boost your BI System ROI by loading smarter — Don’t wait weeks or months to access new data sources; enhance your loading processes so you can “do it now!”

All good advice (well, the first three at least). After considering them, draw a line and compare:

  1. what you’ll gain? (the answer is probably a combination of the speed of solving the problem and learning about the process from experts in the fields)
  2. what you’ll lose? (the answer is probably that all your eggs will be in that vendor’s basket—whatever he wants you to pay for the next update or change or upgrade you’ll have to pay)

My generic answer is that I don’t believe in complete white or complete black: the optimal solution is probably a combination of finding a set of good tools and hiring people that can take care of it and evolve the solution. And even if I don’t see the world in black and white, I still don’t see it black and white—there might be companies out there where having a solution right now could show great ROI, thus pushing building a team to a second place priority. Or vice-versa.

  1. You guessed it right: they sell ETL solutions. 

Original title and link: 4 Modern Data Loading Tips to Save Time, Money & Your Sanity (NoSQL database©myNoSQL)