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Jay Janssen:

Over time SQL FUD has cropped up from all the NoSQL evangelists hammering on about how NoSQL solves all the traditional problems RDBMSs have. Do they have valid points? In a lot of cases, sure. But that doesn’t mean that NoSQL is without its own problems.

Can you name who’s spreading FUD about SQL or relational databases? And then who’s dismissive about NoSQL databases or polyglot persistence?

Let’s say for a moment that he’s right and there are indeed two camps fighting over the same market and spreading FUD about competitors. In the NoSQL group we could count: a bunch of open sourcers, a couple of startups, and possibly some consultants searching for their next gig. In the other camp, we have a few of multi-billion corporations with dedicated departments for marketing, pre-sales, sales, and consulting — I’m leaving aside the enterprise IT departments. Which of these camps has more training, experience, and opportunities in spreading FUD?

Original title and link: FUD in NoSQL (NoSQL databases © myNoSQL)