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Thoughts on Intel's Hadoop distribution

Gwen Shapira has a very interesting theory about what led Intel of creating its own distribution of Hadoop:

Intel is doing for Hadoop the same thing it did for C compilers – make sure they use the best hardware enhancements available in the CPUs and other hardware components available from Intel. The nice thing is that the enhancements are available as open source – Intel doesn’t care that the software is free, since they are selling the hardware!

But I don’t believe it.

  1. Intel is already using Hadoop internally. They can test the hell out of Hadoop and create improvements.
  2. As far as I know, Intel already has Hadoop committers that could push these improvements out. Even if Intel wouldn’t have Hadoop committers, I don’t think anyone from the Hadoop community would veto patches providing better utilization of cluster resources.

On the other hand I don’t have an alternative theory1. But I have a hypothesis that is related to the list of partners Intel signed when announcing their distribution2.

  1. I’m not going to state the obvious that Intel wants to make sure Hadoop works best on Intel so they don’t lose any market share. 

  2. Hint: check how many in that list are server/cluster/appliance vendors. 

Original title and link: Thoughts on Intel’s Hadoop distribution (NoSQL database©myNoSQL)