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PostgreSQL as NoSQL with Data Validation

Szymon Guz writes about JSON support in PostgreSQL:

So, I’ve shown you how you can use PostgreSQL as a simple NoSQL database storing JSON blobs of text. The great advantage over the simple NoSQL databases storing blobs is that you can constrain the blobs, so they are always correct and you shouldn’t have any problems with parsing and getting them from the database.

You can also query the database very easily, with huge speed. The ad-hoc queries are really simple, much simpler than the map-reduce queries which are needed in many NoSQL databases.

Since before NoSQL was called NoSQL, I’ve always thought that there’s a market, and more important, there are use cases for using single, unitary platforms for handling data. But there’s also a market, and the corresponding uses cases, for using different platforms for handling data. And there’s also the federated database systems and the logical data warehouses.

✚ I have this dream about how the databases will look in the future, but I never get around to putting together all the pieces, crossing the t’s and dotting the i’s.

Original title and link: PostgreSQL as NoSQL with Data Validation (NoSQL database©myNoSQL)