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WAN vs. Datacenter Link Reliability

Colin Scott extracted some data about WAN vs datacenter networks reliability:

According to a study by Turner et al. [1], wide area network links have an average of 1.2 to 2.7 days of downtime per year. […] The results are interesting: out of all links types, the average downtime was 0.3 days. […] Intuitively this makes sense. WAN links are much more prone to drunken hunters, bulldozers, wild dogs, ships dropping anchor and the like than links within a secure datacenter.

I’ve been able to find the two papers online:

  1. California Fault Lines: Understanding the Causes and Impact of Network Failures - Daniel Turner, Kirill Levchenko, Alex C. Snoeren, Stefan Savage
  2. Understanding Network Failures in Data Centers: Measurement, Analysis, and Implications - Phillipa Gill, Navendu Jain, Nachiappan Nagappan

Original title and link: WAN vs. Datacenter Link Reliability (NoSQL database©myNoSQL)