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JSONiq Queries on top of MongoDB [sponsor]

Words from this week’s sponsor, is a query platform for MongoDB built on top of the JSONiq open specification which is supported by 28msec, Oracle, EMC, and as of last week, IBM.

JSONiq is a high-level query language that enables NoSQL developers to develop productively and execute complex queries on top of their data stores of choice (e.g. MongoDB, Couchbase). Zorba, the main open source implementation of JSONiq, provides several databases drivers such as Couchbase, Oracle NoSQL, JDBC, and SQLite. It enables developers to execute the same queries across multiple datastores.

But this is not your grandma’s SQL. JSONiq supports novel concepts purposely designed for unstructured, deeply nested JSON data. It allows you to execute complex queries powering features such as joins, grouping, transformation, full-text, or updates.

We produced a short screencast that showcases simple yet powerful queries written with JSONiq on top of MongoDB. We hope that you will enjoy it.


At, we are providing a deep integration between MongoDB and JSONiq. Our goal is to bring powerful query capabilities that users take for granted in the SQL space to MongoDB without giving up on scalability.

Original title and link: JSONiq Queries on top of MongoDB [sponsor] (NoSQL database©myNoSQL)