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Neo4j 1.9 General Availability - Auto-clustering, Cypher, and Some comments

The 1.9 release adds primarily three things:

  1. Auto-Clustering, which makes Neo4j Enterprise clustering more robust & easier to administer, with fewer moving parts
  2. Cypher language improvements make the language more functionally powerful and more performant, and
  3. New welcome pages make learning easier for new users
  1. The first is for the enterprise customers and brings in the features that were initially supported through ZooKeeper
  2. Cypher is Neo4j’s fast evolving query language
  3. The site is brilliant.
  4. The release post is terrible with no links to dive into the newly announced features.

Original title and link: Neo4j 1.9 General Availability - Auto-clustering, Cypher, and Some comments (NoSQL database©myNoSQL)