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memcached turns 10 years old

Ars Technica:

This week, memcached, a piece of software that prevents much of the Internet from melting down, turns 10 years old. Despite its age, memcached is still the go-to solution for many programmers and sysadmins managing heavy workloads. Without memcached, Ars Technica would likely be unable to serve this article to you at all.

According to a commenter on HN, memcached’s 10th birthday would actually be tomorrow (May 22nd). I’m pretty sure it will outlive today.

✚ I’ve left a comment myself on HN in which I express my admiration for obvious tools that have changed the face of software development (e.g. memcached, JUnit, etc.)

Original title and link: memcached turns 10 years old (NoSQL database©myNoSQL)