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Apache Hive 0.11: Stinger Phase 1 Delivered

Owen O’Malley on Hortonworks’ blog:

As representatives of this open, community led effort we are very proud to announce the first release of the new and improved Apache Hive, version 0.11. This substantial release embodies the work of a wide group of people from Microsoft, Facebook , Yahoo, SAP and others. Together we have addressed 386 JIRA tickets, of which there were 28 new features and 276 bug fixes. There were FIFTY-FIVE developers involved in this and I would like to thank every one of them.

This is indeed the power of open. But don’t forget that too much bragging might diminish it: keep repeating a word and its value will slowly vanish.

Original title and link: Apache Hive 0.11: Stinger Phase 1 Delivered (NoSQL database©myNoSQL)