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Getting Started with Cassandra on Windows

While ☞ installing Cassandra on Windows is just a matter of getting a Java runtime, setting some environment variables and using the Cassandra distribution with some minimal configuration changes, things seem to be get more complicated when wanting to develop against it from a non-Java environment as this will require compiling Thrift. And according to the ☞ official docs:

The following instructions reliably install the thrift compiler only. The Thrift C++ runtime library may not compile on Windows. This means that you’ll be able to compile ThriftIDL files to C++/Java/Python/etc., but you may not be able to compile and run the generated C++ code under Windows.

Nick Berardi has generated all Casandra Thrift interfaces corresponding to version 0.5.1 and placed them on a ☞ Google SVN, there are also some prebuilt win32 binaries ☞ and all dependencies can be found ☞ here. Anyways, I hope in time this piece of getting started with Cassandra would get a bit easier for Windows users.

This is yet another reason why friendly protocols make adoption easier!