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NoSQL News & Links 2010-04-06

  1. gluecon: ☞ Why the “NoSQL” moniker is useful - for now

    Someone that gets it:

    The NoSQL moniker is, frankly, about as good as it gets for an early adopter technology. Why? Because it’s polarizing. Of course, the engineers hate it — it doesn’t *accurately* describe anything about what’s going on there (in case you haven’t heard, engineers love accuracy and precision). However, when a new technology is gaining ground, marketing matters. And when marketing matters, the BEST thing you can have is a “storyline” that writes itself for the journalists, analysts, etc that will help to distribute these ideas inside of enterprises.

  2. couchdb wiki: ☞ Windows binary installer. Making CouchDB 0.11.0 as easy as for Mac.
  3. Added the 2nd video from the NoSQL Smackdown at SXSW
  4. Seth Chandler: ☞ Building and Installing MongoDB on Ubuntu 10.04. Just a bunch of dependencies that you must install.