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Advantages of developing NoSQL applications on .NET platforms using FatDB [sponsor]

Words from this week’s sponsor, FatCloud:

FatDB is a full implementation of NoSQL databases for Windows .Net development, extending database functionality by integrating a Map Reduce work queue, file management system, a high speed cache, and application services. Therefore, FatDB is uniquely suited to as a platform to construct applications that are scalable, reliable, responsive to market changes, and cost effective. FatDB enables powerful, scalable applications providing the agility and performance required through:

  • Reduces complexity. Applications are developed faster.
  • Increases elasticity. Applications can quickly respond to shifts in demands.
  • Portability. Applications can move to the cloud and back.

From these operating factors, FatDB is ideally suited for:

  • Mobile. Great when trying to accommodate unpredictable usage, requiring applications to be elastics to cope with changes in demand.
  • Financial Services. Financial applications requiring real-time data access with extremely high availability.
  • E-Commerce. Provides flexible data structures to capitalize on new market opportunities.
  • Manufacturing. Systems must respond against peak production, providing insight into trends and feedback mechanics.

Simply, FatDB can help you develop NoSQL applications in .Net with less effort and significantly less cost, higher quality and performance, for demanding cloud-based applications. Download a free Developer’s edition at FatCloud.

Original title and link: Advantages of developing NoSQL applications on .NET platforms using FatDB [sponsor] (NoSQL database©myNoSQL)