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Wikipedia Migrates to MariaDB... but facts are facts

Jon Buys:

There was, and continues to be, concern over Oracle’s treatment of the open source competitor to their own Oracle database. I personally have wondered what motivation, if any, Oracle has to maintain MySQL. They may simply be milking the revenue stream created by MySQL AB until the well goes dry. Since MariaDB is surpassing MySQL in performance and community goodwill, that day may come sooner rather than later.

A couple of little known things:

  1. Oracle has been house for InnoDB since 2005. InnoDB was and continues to be the default, recommended engine for MySQL. Before and after Oracle acquired MySQL through Sun Microsystems.
  2. Oracle has been house for Sleepycat’s BerkleyDB since 2006. Those products are definitely not dead. Community-wise maybe they haven’t put much effort into extending it.

Facts are facts.

Original title and link: Wikipedia Migrates to MariaDB… but facts are facts (NoSQL database©myNoSQL)