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MongoDB's TTL Collections in OpenStack's Marconi queuing service

Flavio Percoco describing some workaround OpenStack’s queing system is when using MongoDB’s TTL collections:

Even though it is a great feature, it wasn’t enough to cover Marconi’s needs since the later supports per message TTL. In order to cover this, one of the ideas was to implement something similar to Mongodb’s thread and have it running server-side but we didn’t want that for a couple of reasons: it needed a separated thread / process and it had a bigger impact in terms of performance.

This got me thinking it might be one of the (few) features missing from Redis.

✚ Redis supports timeouts for keys. Redis 2.6 brought the accuracy of expiring keys from 1 second to 1 millisecond.

✚ Redis has support for different data structures like lists, sets, and sorted sets. But it’s missing the combination of the two.

Original title and link: MongoDB’s TTL Collections in OpenStack’s Marconi queuing service (NoSQL database©myNoSQL)