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Redis Support for SQL

According to Salvatore Sanfilippo (@antirez) Redis (and not MongoDB) will support SQL:

[…] I’m going to switch the protocol to SQL. Reinventing the wheel just does not make sense anymore.

for instance to get all the elements from an hash it will be that simple: SELECT * FROM key. The same for lists

Sergio Bossa (@sbtourist), creator of Terrastore, is presenting a good argument for this decision:

@al3xandru Being Redis a “data structure server”, I think support for “Structured Query Language” comes as a natural consequence.

Meanwhile, to fill in the empty space, PostgreSQL is ☞ announcing a new NoSQL-like engine.

This article was posted on April 1st and is a joke. There are no current plans of supporting SQL in Redis, nor PostgreSQL is planning to rewrite its engine.