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Release: CouchDB 0.11.0 Available, Feature Freeze for 1.0

CouchDB 0.11.0, a feature-freeze release candidate for the upcoming 1.0 version, has been released. There are lots of new features in this released listed on the ☞ downloads page, but I’d encourage you to check firstly the getting ready guide for CouchDB 0.11.

  • Added support for building a Windows installer as part of ‘make dist’.
  • Added optional ‘raw’ binary collation for faster view builds where Unicode collation is not important.
  • Improved view index build time by reducing ICU collation callouts.
  • Added option to implicitly create replication target databases.
  • Improved view information objects.
  • Bug fix for partial updates during view builds.
  • Bug fix for building’s module list.
  • Fixed a problem with statistics timers and system sleep.
  • Improved the statistics calculations to use an online moving window algorithm.
  • Adds batching of multiple updating requests, to improve throughput with many writers.
  • Removed the now redundant couchbatchsave module.
  • Bug fix for premature termination of chunked responses.
  • Improved speed and concurrency of config lookups.
  • Fixed an edge case for HTTP redirects during replication.
  • Fixed HTTP timeout handling for replication.
  • Fixed query parameter handling in OAuth’d replication.
  • Fixed a bug preventing mixing languages with lists and views.
  • Avoid OS process leaks in lists.
  • Avoid leaking file descriptors on automatic replication restarts.
  • Various improvements to the Futon UI.
  • Provide Content-MD5 header support for attachments.
  • Adds configurable compression of attachments.
  • Added default cookie-authentication and users db.
  • Added per-db reader access control lists.
  • Added per-db security object for configuration data in validation functions.
  • Added URL Rewriter handler.
  • Added proxy authentication handler.
  • Added ability to replicate documents by id.
  • Added virtual host handling.
  • Uses json2.js for JSON serialization compatiblity with native JSON.