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The 5 Stages of Data Maturity Model

Markus Sprenger:

  1. Stage one: No Usage Data: The theoretical base of this model is the company with little or no useful data.
  2. Stage two: Big Data: Companies at this stage are inundated with big data. They have a steady flow of data from both internal and external sources, but few have the tools needed to turn their data into information.
  3. Stage three: The Right Data: Stage three companies use high-quality data, and apply both context and relevance to their data models.
  4. Stage four: Predictions: Companies in stage four can do more than conduct historical or retroactive analysis – they can also conduct predictive analysis.
  5. Stage five: Strategy: In stage five a company’s entire business model is built around its analytical models.

If you’d be to follow Peter Norvig’s Unreasonable effectiveness of data there’s no right data. So, I’d call the third stage Diving Big Data.

I think the majority of companies are still somewhere between stage 2 and 3. There are a few in stage 4. And probably just a couple in the 5th stage (Google?).

Original title and link: The 5 Stages of Data Maturity Model (NoSQL databases © myNoSQL)