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IBM Accelerates Its Big Data Portfolio

Jeff Kelly takes a look at IBM’s data solutions portfolio:

IBM has the broadest and deepest Big Data product and services portfolio in the industry, as well as the market leading revenue to show for it. But IBM’s greatest asset also lies at the heart of its biggest challenge. With such a diverse set of Big Data capabilities, IBM has struggled to unify them into distinct, compelling offerings. How IBM responds to the challenge of bringing together such a broad and deep set of technologies and services - many the result of $16 billion worth of analytics-related acquisitions since 2005 - into consumable and effective product offerings will largely determine the company’s success (or failure) in the Big Data space and will have major implications for enterprise CIOs.

There are two things that I’m not sure I understand:

  1. is it a known strategy leading to more sales to have a confusing portfolio of products?

    Basically you offer so many products that a customer will be so confused that he’ll have to hire your consultant to make the buying recommendation decision.

  2. when ranking companies by sales, wouldn’t make more sense to compare revenue/employee than raw numbers?

    Which company is better? A company with 2 sales people generating $1mil in revenue or a company with 100 sales people and 100 consultants generating $20mil?

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