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Amazon EC2 Cassandra Cluster with DataStax AMI

This AMI does the following:

  • installs Cassandra 0.7.4 on a Ubuntu 10.10 image
  • configures emphemeral disks in raid0, if applicable (EBS is a bad fit for Cassandra
  • configures Cassandra to use the root volume for the commitlog and the ephemeral disks for data files
  • configures Cassandra to use the local interface for intra-cluster communication
  • configures all Cassandra nodes with the same seed for gossip discovery

Note the “EBS is a bad fit for Cassandra”. That’s what Adrian Cockcroft explains in Multi-tenancy and Cloud Storage Performance.

Original title and link: Amazon EC2 Cassandra Cluster with DataStax AMI (NoSQL databases © myNoSQL)