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Redis as a Service and GarantiaData

Giovanni Bajo writing about companies offering Redis-as-a-Service and why GarantiaData offer is different:

Usually, Redis “on the cloud” (= as a service) offerings are not really good deals. Redis is easy to install and assuming you at least know what “AOF” is, it’s not even hard to tune for normal datasets. Backupping is also very easy. I don’t claim to be an expert and I have never managed very large Redis instances, but I don’t see this service offerings helping you much in that regard. You pay something like $120-$200/mo per one 1Gb instance, and you still need to manually handle failovers and migrations (and compare that with a 2Gb RAM SSD-based VPS, which is $20/mo).

The main point is that the Redis service offered by GarantiaData includes a scalable pre-sharding cluster version of Redis. Then there are other smaller advantages.

Original title and link: Redis as a Service and GarantiaData (NoSQL database©myNoSQL)