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NoSQL Ecosystem News & Links 2010-03-24

  1. Project Voldemort new release: ☞ Announcement: Project Voldemort 0.80.1 is released Options

    From the release notes:

    • Issue 133: Support for Apache Avro as a serialization format
    • Issue 223: Changed the default client to use TresholdFailureDetector
    • Fixed issue 222: Revised KeyedResourcePool.close(K key) to fix leaking sockets
    • Fixed issue 198: Revised ReadRepairer to use a separate copy of the vector clock, fixing a situation where NoSuchElementException would be thrown
    • Miscellaneous enhancements: support for TCP keep-alives, improved read only store utilities, command line interface to AdminClient, improved load testing tools
  2. ☞ MongoDB 1.3.5 (1.4 rc2) Released
  3. ☞ MultiExecCommand. Redis transactions. The mention here generated a fantastic conversation on Twitter between Salvatore Sanfilippo (@antirez), Sergio Bossa (@sbtoursit), tephan Schmidt (@codemonkeyism), Shay Banon (@kimchy) and yours truly Alex Popescu (@al3xandru) that I’ll post about later.
  4. ☞ MoveLens Data Sets. In case you need some test data for your NoSQL project.
  5. Kenny Gorman: ☞ Dropping ACID. Another post on MongoDB durability tradeoff (see also MongoDB and File System Durability Explained )
  6. ☞ Hypertable This is the first Hypertable release covered on myNoSQL and by looking at the release notes it is either that they’ve been extremely busy or that it hasn’t been a release in a while.