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Hadoop and Canonical Bring MapR to Ubuntu

Some announcements from MapR about “MapR and Canonical bringing Hadoop Support to Ubuntu“:

First, MapR is partnering with Canonical, the organization behind the Ubuntu operating system, to package and make available for download an integrated offering of MapR Distibution with Ubuntu. The free MapR M3 Edition includes HBase, Pig, Hive, Mahout, Cascading, Sqoop, Flume and other Hadoop support tools. MapR is the only distribution that enables Linux applications and commands to access data directly in the cluster via the NFS interface that is available with all MapR Editions.

As far as I know, Apache Hadoop works just fine on Ubuntu. And there was already a partnership between Cloudera and Canonical to bring Hadoop to Ubuntu. So, I guess my title might be more accurate.

Original title and link: Hadoop and Canonical Bring MapR to Ubuntu (NoSQL database©myNoSQL)