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Big and Small Data at Twitter: MySQL CE 2011

Twitter DBA Lead at Twitter, Jeremy Cole‘s talk about MySQL at Twitter from MySQL CE 2011:

Roland Bouman had some interesting notes (nb: actually tweets) from the talk:

  • 115 mln tweets a day, 1 bln tweets a week, about 50.000 new accounts / day

  • random server uptime 212d, 127 bln questions (6943/s) rows read: 1.36 mln/s

  • Use MySQL when it works, something else when not - fortunately MySQL often does work

  • MySQL is used by twitter because it’s robust, replication works and it’s easy to use and run

  • MySQL doesn’t work good for graphs, auto_increment, replication lag is a problem

  • MySQL replication improvements like crash safe multi-threaded slave exactly what they need

  • Twitter open sourced snowflake (id generation system) and Gizzard distributed data storage

  • Use soft launches: new code is launched in a disabled state, turn up slowly, back down if needed

  • Gizzard builds in MySQL/InnoDB handles sharding, replication, job scheduling

  • Twitter uses Cassandra too for some projects. high velocity writes, schemaless design

  • Twitter uses Hadoop for analyzing extremely large datasets: 10 to 100 blns rows (http logs)

  • Twitter also uses vertica for analysis, 100M - 10Blns of rows. Runs 100x faster than MySQL

  • MySQL’s happy place: <= 1.5 TB datasets, archive store for larger sets.

Original title and link: Big and Small Data at Twitter: MySQL CE 2011 (NoSQL databases © myNoSQL)