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NoSQL Week in Review 16

I just waked up to realize that I managed to lose the weekly NoSQL in review post. The only thing that I was able to pull together quickly is the review section:

NoSQL Week in Review

  • NoSQL Data Modeling

    “I sometimes read that NoSQL solutions are a better fit for prototyping applications as they don’t require any upfront data modeling work. I must confess that I pretty much disagree with that. …”

    (Tags: NoSQL theory)

  • Quick Guide to CouchDB and PHP

    “CouchDB is one of the most friendly NoSQL systems in terms of protocols : JSON over HTTP. But that doesn’t mean that small libraries aware of the URI space and other aspects of CouchDB are not useful. ( nb : the only problem would be if everyone starts creating his own though. Anyway, discussing about CouchDB libs is not the main intent of this post, but rather a personal note I’ve made while going through a couple of PHP guides to CouchDB). As a plus to its ease of use, CouchDB can completely change the architecture of your next web application …”

    (Tags: couchdb, tutorial, php)

  • Myngo: Like phpMyAdmin for MongoDB

    “Everyone wants a phpMyAdmin (MySQL) or a Futon (CouchDB) for his/her NoSQL product. MongoDB seems to already have some nice UI tools , but that doesn’t mean another one would not be needed. So here is Myngo: a web admin for MongoDB, which looks pretty similar (at least in terms of its functionality) to futon4mongo or phpMoAdmin . …”

    (Tags: libraries, mongodb)

  • Getting Ready for CouchDB 0.11

    “CouchDB seems to get closer and closer to the 0.11 release which will bring quite a few new interesting features. The blog has started a series of posts covering what’s new in CouchDB 0.11: …”

    (Tags: couchdb, releases, tutorial)

  • What do Redis and VMWare Have in Common?

    “You have probably heard the ☞ news by now: VMWare has hired Salvatore Sanfilippo ( ), creator and main developer of Redis, the key-value store . The very good news about this is that VMWare will allow Salvatore to work full time on Redis and will also help him build a set of Redis Tools that will be open sourced. Congrats Salvatore and VMWare! …”

    (Tags: redis)

  • Recap of NoSQL Live in Boston

    “While these are not the original recordings from the NoSQL Live in Boston event , they are still the best ☞ we will get . …”

    (Tags: NoSQL event)

  • Cassandra Write Operation Performance Explained

    “An ☞ interesting explanation of how Cassandra write ops are happening: …”

    (Tags: cassandra)

  • Presentation: Redis Overview

    “In the light of the news about Redis more people will start looking at it, so here is another slide deck from Ryan Findley. Once you are done with the slides you should probably check this other awesome Redis presentation and take a look at the great list of Redis usecases . …”

    (Tags: presentation, redis)

  • Java Persistence API with HBase

    “Sounds like the same JPA solution used by Google AppEngine can be used for HBase too: …”

    (Tags: hbase, java)

  • Serving files out of GridFS

    “Very interesting results testing serving files using Apache, nginx and GridFS. …”

    (Tags: mongodb, web, gridfs)

  • Learn MongoDB in 104… slides

    “You can pretty much say that you know a lot about MongoDB if you go through Kyle Banker’s ( @hwaet ) slides below: …”

    (Tags: mongodb, presentation)

  • Introduction to Kyoto Products, Successors of Tokyo Products

    “I’ve just discovered these slides introducing Kyoto products, the successors of Tokyo products. The slides author is Mikio Hirabayashi, the creator and maintainer of Tokyo Cabinet , Tokyo Tyrant, Tokyo Promenade, Kyoto Cabinet , etc. …”

    (Tags: kyoto cabinet, tokyo cabinet)

  • Look Ma’, I’ve just got an N+1 with NoSQL Flavor

    “In a previous post, I was arguing that data modeling will remain an “art” even if we are talking about NoSQL systems or not. Recently I’ve noticed a couple of posts that have resurfaced this idea in the context of document databases and parent - child models. …”

    (Tags: nosql debate, document database, document store)

  • Redis Cheatsheet

    “Mainly based on the ☞ Redis command reference the cheatsheet in PDF format can be downloaded from ☞ here …”

    (Tags: redis)

  • Full text indexing with MongoDB

    “We’ve seen this done before with CouchDB , but I still think the full text indexing should be delegated to specialized solutions like Lucene and Solr . …”

    (Tags: mongodb, full text indexing)

  • Quick Guide to Zend and MongoDB on MongoHq

    “We already covered that Zend framework is trying to make NoSQL adoption easier looking to integrating with CouchDB and MongoDB. …”

    (Tags: mongodb, php, zend)

  • NoSQL Smackdown at SXSW

    “The Changelog guys have ☞ published the audio recording from the NoSQL smackdown at SXSW. On stage we had Stu Hood (Cassandra), Jan Lehnardt (CouchDB) and Wynn Netherland (The Changelog) and they were quickly joined by Werner Vogels (CTO Amazon). …”

    (Tags: simpledb, mongodb, couchdb, cassandra)

  • Redis and Ruby

    “From installing Redis to using keys, keys expiration, counters, lists, sets and sorted sets from Ruby. …”

    (Tags: ruby, redis)

I will try to add the other section by the end of today. Meanwhile, I wish you all a great NoSQL week!

Update: Lately I have failed to update on a regular basis the NoSQL libraries page. To address this issue, I have setup a form where you can submit your library.