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Recognizing the Power of Hadoop: Platfora BI Is Better on Hadoop

Ben Werther announcing the general availability of the Platfora BI:

At Platfora, we made a bet that Hadoop’s destiny wasn’t simply to be a cheaper, slower cousin of the relational data warehouse. […] Hadoop is superb at two things — it provides a near-infinite data reservoir where data of all kinds can be landed without needing to figure out how it will be used ahead of time, and it is a slow lumbering freight-train of an engine for crunching and aggregating batches of millions or billions of rows.

They are neither the first, nor the last to understand and bet on Hadoop. But in some cases this bet originates only in the financial potential of the Hadoop market and less so on the technological potential.

Indeed it’s rarely the case that these two can leave alone. When they do, it leads to either a smaller market segment or to a shorter life time. Looking around at what’s happening in the Hadoop space, technologically and business wise, I assume many economists would recognize the signs of a long lived opportunity.

As a side note, I find it interesting that very few articles are looking at two other fundamental aspects of the Hadoop platform, which, in my opinion, were, are and will remain critical to the growth of this market: open source and extensibility. Without any of these two, what would we see would be tons of copy cats wasting resources in creating small indistinguishable clones, plus countless and endless negotiations to extend and integrate the platform. Hadoop is open source and the open source developers working on it have built it with extensibility in mind. The proof is out there and is clear: look at the breadth and depth of the tools around Hadoop.

That’s the power of open source. The way of the future.

Original title and link: Recognizing the Power of Hadoop: Platfora BI Is Better on Hadoop (NoSQL database©myNoSQL)