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Riak CS: New Version Available, Now Open Source

A new version of Riak CS was announced last week at GigaOM Structure Data 2013 event. But what’s more important is that starting with this version Riak CS is available as open source under an Apache 2 license.

As for Riak itself, Basho will offer an Enterprise version under a commercial license, the main differentiator being multi-datacenter replication and 24x7 customer support. The same as for Riak.

While I went through most of the articles covering this announcement, I couldn’t find the answer to the most obvious question: what made Basho decide to go with the dual model for Riak CS?

On the other hand, it looks like this remains the most popular model in the company-backed open source world: open source products with enterprise versions providing unique features.

Original title and link: Riak CS: New Version Available, Now Open Source (NoSQL database©myNoSQL)