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Iris Couch: Your New Source for CouchDB Hosting

Today, we are proud to introduce Iris Couch, a Couchbase spin-off and your new one-stop shop for hosted CouchDB. We are transferring the Couchbase hosting business to Iris Couch – a company founded and operated by the former Couchbase hosting team – and Iris Couch will focus solely on providing the rock-solid hosting service you deserve.


We know you’re wondering “What does this mean for me and my couches?” Relax. The name is changing, but the platform is not. Same platform. Same service. Same team. You don’t even need to touch your existing couches…the transition to Iris Couch will be seamless for you.

What is the value proposition or differentiator of Iris Couch (let’s say compared to Cloudant)?

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