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MapR Raises $30mil in Series C

Where is MapR today?

  1. MapR raised a total of $59mil.
  2. According to John Schroeder (CEO) “92% of MapR customers pay primarely for licenses and not for ancillary services and support”.
  3. According to Wikibon, MapR had $23mil. revenue in 2012, 49% of which coming from services (nb: this seem to contradict the above point)
  4. Support for MapR installations is offered by Accenture and Booz Allen Hamilton

How will MapR use the new capital?

With the new funding, the company plans to invest in research & development, and expand into Asia.

How is MapR seeing its competitors?

John Schroeder (CEO):

“Our competitors’ model is very cash intensive and you have to wonder whether or not they’ll ever be cash-flow positive”.

Cloudera has raised until now $141mil:

  1. Series A: $5mil
  2. Series B: $6mil
  3. Series C: $25mil
  4. Series D: $40mil
  5. Series E: $65mil

According to this, Cloudera raised $36mil in the first 3 rounds. I couldn’t find any official data about the capital raised by Hortonworks, but the number I’ve seen in a couple of places is $50mil. So far MapR raised $59mil.

Sources for these bits:

Original title and link: MapR Raises $30mil in Series C (NoSQL database©myNoSQL)