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NoSQL Ecosystem News & Links 2010-03-18

  1. hugoware: ☞ Performing Updates With CSMongo. Working with the C# CSmongo lib and MongoDB. See also MongoDB and C# and MongoDB in the Windows Environment.
  2. Chris Strom: ☞ Base Debian Install on VirtualBox. Trying out the upcoming CouchDB 0.11 in a virtual env.
  3. Jamie Talbot: ☞ Handling JSON Objects in CouchDB Native Erlang Views.
  4. handcraftsman: Some more C# and MongoDB: ☞ Fluent MongoDB Part1 and ☞ Fluent MongoDB Part 2.
  5. riklaunim: ☞ MongoDB data management in Python. Just the basics of using pymongo with MongoDB.
  6. Two new articles added to the operations on graph databases series. A must read for everyone looking into graph databases.