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NoSQL Ecosystem News & Links 2010-03-17

  1. mongodb-user: ☞ MongoDB development release 1.3.4 is available (1.4 rc1). Feature freeze preparing for the 1.4 release
  2. Assay Depot CIO Chris Petersen discusses CouchDB ☞ part 1 and ☞ part 2. Too short, too little :(.
  3. Basho wiki: ☞ Riak Comparisons. Comparing Riak to Cassandra, MongoDB, Neo4j.
  4. Mark Twomey: ☞ Redis: A Warp Speed database

    I think I see what VMware is doing here, they’re jumping over the traditional apps requiring the large DBs on the big tin and going after the hyperscale speed freaks.

  5. Chad Walters: ☞ Twitter Conversation about CAP. More like a monologue though.