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Oracle Paper: The Cost of Do-It-Yourself Hadoop vs Oracle Big Data Appliance

Based on ESG’s modeling of a medium-sized Hadoop-oriented big data project, the preconfigured Oracle Big Data Appliance is 39% less costly than a “build” equivalent do-it-yourself infrastructure. And using Oracle Big Data Appliance will cut the project length by about one-third. For most enterprises planning to take big data beyond experimentation and proof-of- concept, ESG suggests skipping the idea of in-house development, on-going management, and expansion of your own big data infrastructure, to instead look to purpose-built infrastructure solutions such as Oracle Big Data Appliance.

This is an extract from Oracle’s whitepaper “Getting Real about Big Data: Build Versus Buy“. It’s a nice reading excercise to better understand how the database leader is positioning their Oracle Big Data Appliance compared to Hadoop’s commodity-hardware cluster.

I’d love seeing the equivalent paper from Hortonworks1.

  1. The only reason I’m referring directly to Hortonworks and not also Cloudera is that the Hadoop part of Oracle Big Data Appliance is offered by Cloudera

Original title and link: Oracle Paper: The Cost of Do-It-Yourself Hadoop vs Oracle Big Data Appliance (NoSQL database©myNoSQL)