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Quick Guide to CouchDB and PHP

CouchDB is one of the most friendly NoSQL systems in terms of protocols: JSON over HTTP. But that doesn’t mean that small libraries aware of the URI space and other aspects of CouchDB are not useful. (nb: the only problem would be if everyone starts creating his own though. Anyway, discussing about CouchDB libs is not the main intent of this post, but rather a personal note I’ve made while going through a couple of PHP guides to CouchDB). As a plus to its ease of use, CouchDB can completely change the architecture of your next web application

So, if you’re planning to get started with CouchDB and PHP, you’d probably like to see an overview of CouchDB. You could either follow the from beginner to CouchDB expert in 2 hours videos or watch Will Leinweber’s Relaxing with CouchDB or just go through David Coallier’s introduction to CouchdB slides embedded below:

Next, you’ll have to install CouchDB on your OS and read one of the PHP getting started posts listed below:

  • Gonzalo Ayuso’s PHP and CouchDB ☞ part 1 and ☞ part 2 will walk you through basic CRUD operation with CouchDB and PHP
  • Matt Apperson ☞ post will help you get started with CouchDB and PHPillow, a simple PHP helper class.
  • Thomas Myer article will introduce you to CouchDB and PHP-on-Couch.

For those familiar with the Zend framework there’s also a Zend and CouchDB integration proposal that you might want to try. And there are probably more CouchDB quick guides around that you might find useful, in which case you’d probably also like to share with others. Meanwhile, have fun with PHP and CouchDB.