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Videos from Surge Conference

Even if not focused on NoSQL, the videos from the Surge conference are covering very interesting aspects related to scalability. Here are a couple of examples:

  • Theo Schlossnagle: Scalable Design Patterns
  • Justin Sheehy: Embracing Concurrency at Scale
  • Ronald Bradford: The most common MySQL scalability mistakes, and how to avoid them
  • Ruslan Belkin: Going 0 to 60: Scaling LinkedIn
  • Robert Treat: Database Scalability Patterns
  • Artur Bergman: Scaling and Loadbalancing Wikia Across The World
  • Mike Malone: Working with Dimensional Data in a Distributed Hash Table
  • Gavin M. Roy: Scaling - Lessons Learned From Rapid Growth
  • Benjamin Black: Go with the flow - Meditations on network infrastructure analysis
  • John Allspaw: The “Go or No-Go”: Operability and Contingency at Etsy
  • Rod Cope: Top 10 Lessons Learned from Deploying Hadoop in a Private Cloud

Last but not least there’s also a “SQL vs NoSQL” panel featuring Geir Magnusson Jr (Moderator), Robert Treat, Baron Schwartz, Mike Malone and Justin Sheehy.


Original title and link: Videos from Surge Conference (NoSQL databases © myNoSQL)