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NoSQL Week in Review 15

This has been an extremely busy week for the NoSQL space, with important announcements from Digg and Reddit going Cassandra way, but also two NoSQL events: the QCon NoSQL track and the NoSQL Live in Boston. There seems to have been a couple more debates online about NoSQL and RDBMS, but I’ll need a bit of time to catch up with those before commenting anything.

What’s Hot in the NoSQL World

  1. Priority Queue with Barbershop and Redis
  2. MySQL and MongoDB Sitting In a Boat
  3. Digg Going The Cassandra Way
  4. Operations on Graph Databases
  5. CTO of 10gen, MongoDB creators: We are sort of similar to MySQL or PostgreSQL in terms of how you could use us

New NoSQL Releases

I might have lost track of the releases happening in the NoSQL space this week, but here is what I got:

  • Redis released two bug fix versions (1.2.4 and 1.2.5) this last week
  • Riak released version 0.9.0 and the very next day a quick bug fix release (0.9.1)

NoSQL Week in Review

  • NoSQL Week in Review 14

    “It looks like I’ve made it to the 14th edition of the NoSQL week in review, even if I was a bit sick lately and also missed a reliable internet connection for the last days. But to start of with a good news to compensate, I am quite proud to let you know that myNoSQL is an official media partner for the ☞ NoSQL event organized by 10gen in Boston on March 11th, so I hope I’ll be able to cover the event at least as well as I did for FOSDEM NoSQL event . …”

    (Tags: nosql weekly review)

  • It is Not about SQL Scalability

    “An extremely popular discussion last week was Dennis Forbes’ ☞ post on SQL scalability which more or less concluded that SQL is scalable and NoSQL isn’t for everyone . …”

    (Tags: nosql debate)

  • NoSQL Ecosystem News 2010-03-08

    “I am in London this whole week and even if I have a crazy agenda I’d love to get a chance to meet myNoSQL readers and NoSQL users for a NoSQL chat and beer. Ping me ! Redis 1.2.4 is out ☞ . It fixes an issue with replication for dump files larger than 2GB. …”

    (Tags: nosql ecosystem news)

  • Presentation: Overview of HBase at Meetup

    “Sslides for the Overview of HBase at Meetup presentation . …”

    (Tags: java, hbase, presentation, usecase)

  • Operations on Graph Databases

    “The InfoGrid blog has started to publish a series on basic operations with graph databases. While it looks like getting a taste of graph databases was a very good start, it wasn’t meant to introduce the details of working with a graph database , something that people may not be familiar with. …”

    (Tags: infogrid, graph database)

  • NoSQL Wants To Be Elastic Caching When It Grows Up… Does It Really?

    “While I’d probably love having the talent to write such ☞big statements , I’d still prefer to get things right firstly: …”

    (Tags: nosql debate)

  • CTO of 10gen, MongoDB creators: We are sort of similar to MySQL or PostgreSQL in terms of how you could use us

    “Some quotes and comments from ☞ (a quite long) interview with Eliot Horowitz, CTO of 10gen, creators of MongoDB: …”

    (Tags: interview, mongodb, mysql)

  • NoSQL Ecosystem News 2010-03-09

    “A Redis monitor for ZenPack (Open Source Network Monitoring and Systems Management) ☞ Just a quick reminder that today there will be an ad-hoc NoSQL & beers meetup at Bag O’Nails at 7pm. ☞ See the place on the map . Found this amazing poster on ☞ DarkGreyIndustries blog and I was wondering if we could try to plot each NoSQL project on it. What do you think? Credit DarkGreyIndustries blog …”

    (Tags: nosql ecosystem news)

  • Using Map/Reduce for Network Forensics and Troubleshooting

    “Interesting technology stack behind ☞ xtractr — a network packet analysis tool - combining Ferret, SQLLite, V8, jQuery, Flot, Sammy and CouchDB. According to the linked article, xtractr uses a CouchDB inspired MapReduce for performing packet analysis. I’d say that if you could use it, PIG would have been nice too . …”

    (Tags: usecase, couchdb, mapreduce)

  • MySQL and MongoDB Sitting In a Boat

    “An interesting post from lunar logic guys about using MySQL and MongoDB for their Kanban product, how that get there and the tools they are using. …”

    (Tags: mysql, mongodb, CAP, NoSQL hybrid)

  • Priority Queue with Barbershop and Redis

    “We have already talked about queues being a good Redis usecase and covered QR, Resque and thanks to readers heard of RestMQ. …”

    (Tags: c, redis)

  • NoSQL @ QCon London

    “The track was recorded and InfoQ will publish the presentations in the upcoming month. As an example of what I’m talking about you can watch ☞ Facebook’s Petabyte Scale Data Warehouse using Hive and Hadoop . …”

    (Tags: nosql ecosystem news)

  • Digg Going The Cassandra Way

    “I’ve just read about another high profile web site, Digg, going the Cassandra way. While this is not absolutely new as we’ve already heard about Cassandra in production @ Digg , the important bit is in this quote: …”

    (Tags: usecase, cassandra)

  • NoSQL Ecosystem News 2010-03-11

    “An emergency release from Riak fixing a couple of bugs in the 0.9.0 release ☞ Redis has released 1.2.5 fixing replication with multiple connected slaves ☞ You can watch live the NoSQL Live from Boston event ☞ . And yes, my NoSQL is an official memdia partner of the event. There seems to be a new ☞ site. …”

    (Tags: nosql ecosystem news)

  • Try Redis

    “This is not really a call to action, but rather the name of a ☞ cool website that allows you to try out Redis commands through a web browser and follow a quick tutorial. It is very similar to ☞ Try MongoDB . …”

    (Tags: redis)

  • Reports from NoSQL Live in Boston

    “In case you haven’t been able to make it to the NoSQL Live in Boston event and you don’t have the patience for the videos to come out, I have found a couple of reports from the event. …”

    (Tags: NoSQL event, nosql debate)

  • NoSQL Ecosystem News 2010-03-12

    “Watch video and slides of Tobias Ivarsson’s Persistent graphs in Python with Neo4j …”

    (Tags: nosql ecosystem news)

If you still have some time once you’ve gone through all these, you might also take a look at ☞ Rick Cattell’s paper on NoSQL stores and also the Guide to NoSQL systems published by ☞ Nathan Hurst, both providing some sort of overview of the NoSQL space (nb none of them is perfect, but that doesn’t make them less interesting).

Have a great NoSQL week!