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Traditional, NoSQL and NewSQL Are All Broken. All Data in Memory

Stancey Schneider for VMware:

Over the past few years, memory has gotten cheap and is easily commoditized in the cloud. So moving your data strategy to put it all in-memory just plain makes sense. It eliminates an extra hop to read and write data from disk, making it inherently faster and the performance more consistent. It also manages to simplify the internal optimization algorithms and reduce the number of instructions to the CPU making better use of the hardware.

This is the “conclusion” after “establishing” in the post that:

  1. traditional databases are already broken because of the fixed schemas and data being persisted on disk
  2. NoSQL databases are also broken because even if they have flexible schemas, data is still persisted on disk and “replication takes time to do all the read and writes”
  3. NewSQL are also broken because “the way the databases handles the data distribution makes it so there NewSQL databases do not scale linearly”

All this FUD just to promote GemFire and SQLFire? I really thought VMware is a serious company.

Original title and link: Traditional, NoSQL and NewSQL Are All Broken. All Data in Memory (NoSQL database©myNoSQL)