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Introducing Pivotal HD - the World’s Most Powerful Apache Hadoop Distribution [Sponsor]

Words from this week’s sponsor:

On Monday, February 25, Greenplum, a Division of EMC introduced Pivotal HD: the world’s most powerful Hadoop distribution. Greenplum has spent the last two years building a new Hadoop platform that will leave the traditional database behind. Pivotal HD can store the massive amounts of information Hadoop was created to store, but it’s designed to ask questions of this data significantly faster than you can with the existing open source platform.

Greenplum is revamping Hadoop to operate more like a relational database, letting you rapidly ask questions of data using SQL, which has been a staple of the database world for decades. A team led by former Microsoft database designer Florian Waas has designed a new “query engine”, HAWQ, that can more quickly run SQL queries on data stored across a massive cluster of systems using the Hadoop File System. Compared to batch-oriented queries running against a Hadoop cluster, the combination of HDFS and HAWQ shows anywhere from 10x to 600x performance improvement. Here’s a link to a whitepaper about HAWQ, Pivotal HD’s parallel SQL engine for Hadoop (pdf).

Check out Harper Reed’s, former CTO for Obama 2012 campaign, webcast on Pivotal HD webcast here and request your early access to it.

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