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Intel Distribution of H* in 21 Links

I don’t think anyone beside the PR department at Intel had the time to read through all the media coverage Intel Distribution H* got in the last couple of days. Here’s a collection of links for your reference. Pick wisely.

Intel Announcements

  1. Intel Aims to Enrich Lives by Unlocking the Power of Big Data

  2. Intel Jumps into HADOOP

Media Coverage

  1. NYTimes Bits: Intel’s Big Data Push

  2. Wired: Intel Leaps on Software Elephant for Trip to Hardware Heaven

  3. WSJ: Intel Releases Own Version of Hit Hadoop Software

  4. ZDNet: Intel baking Apache Hadoop into silicon for big data, security uses

  5. The Register: Intel takes on all Hadoop disties to rule big data munching

  6. Forbes: Can Intel Heal the Hadoop Open Source Ecosystem?

  7. Forbes: Intel Drops a Big Data Shocker

  8. Slashdot: Intel Launches Its Own Apache Hadoop Distribution

  9. GigaOm: Cloudera who? Intel announces its own Hadoop distribution

  10. SilliconAngle: Intel Gets Inside Big Data Chips With Hadoop

  11. eweek: Intel Releases Hadoop Distribution for Big Data

  12. InformationWeek: Intel Unveils New Distribution For Apache Hadoop

  13. Computerworld: Intel releases Hadoop software primed for its own chips

  14. PCMag: [Intel Tackles Big Data With Release of Apache Hadoop Platform](,2817,2415931,00.asp “{{rel=’external nofollow’}}”

  15. DataInformed: Intel Jumps into Big Data Pool with Hadoop Distribution

  16. Slashdot: Intel’s New Hadoop Distribution Could Benefit Its Hardware Bottom Line

  17. VentureBeat: Intel moves into ‘big data’ software with Apache Hadoop distribution

  18. DatacenterKnowledge: Intel Enters the Hadoop Software Market

  19. Datacenter Dynamics: Intel launches own Hadoop distribution

Intel Distribution Partners

Intel Distribution Partners

If like me you’re interested in archiving these, I’ve put this list together in a format easier to read and archive.

Original title and link: Intel Distribution of H* in 21 Links (NoSQL database©myNoSQL)