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Cloudera Pissed Off

Charles Zedlewki takes position for Cloudera to the recent attacks to Hadoop and Impala:

I’m reminded of our open source strategy this week not only because of the further validation of Hadoop’s popularity but also because of the entry of a new round of proprietary imitators. At one point there were six distinct vendors all promoting proprietary filesystems as alternatives to HDFS, many of which included breathless claims of how they could make Apache Hadoop faster and “more powerful.” This year we get to see history repeat itself, this time with SQL engines. The marketing is nearly identical to that of the proprietary filesystem era: damning open source with faint praise, pointing out its limitations and extolling the virtues of some feature(s) proprietary to that particular vendor.

Proprietary SQL vendors will pull a page from the proprietary storage playbook: damn open source Impala with faint praise and point out its limitations, both real and contrived. They will be equally ineffective. We will continue to bet on an open, integrated, and highly flexible big data platform. Saying you are “all in on Hadoop” while simultaneously promoting a proprietary platform means you are missing the point.

Neither Cloudera, nor other companies that invested a lot and everything in the Hadoop ecosystem are at the size not to care about large corporations attacking their bets. Every corporation is trying to emulate the Microsoft strategy: wait for a new technology to be confirmed, then jump at the opportunity with all your forces. But I really hope open source will prevail.

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