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BigData and Comprehensive Profiling

Daniel Hernandez:

There have been instances when services like Facebook, Google, Zynga, you have it, have violated some sense of privacy. In a sense, they are violating your privacy right now. When you clicked on this link via Facebook or Twitter, the re-route is sent back to their servers and logged. They now know that you’ve visited my page. How can this lead to something bigger? What would you say if one of these services had every website that you’ve viewed in the last month? The last year? The last 5 years? That may not seem like a big deal but the reality of the matter is that they don’t just have your websites. They have location information (pre-Facebook places et. al ), shopping information, interaction information. Sure, it’s not aggregated in one place, but I think that it wouldn’t be too hard to that.

If this were to happen, this would be a comprehensive profile. What concerns me is that this might be so powerful as to create something called an CP Fingerprint. A CPF is a pattern that arises from all the different information logged by you. That is, my CPF ≠ your CPF. I’m not sure if this sort of thing exists but something tells me that Ad Networks sure as hell wish it did. Finding that CPFs are real would be the holy grail of Advertising. Ads would be super targeted.

I’m not the only one ranting about some of the dark rooms BigData could open.

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