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Priority Queue with Barbershop and Redis

We have already talked about queues being a good Redis usecase and covered QR, Resque and thanks to readers heard of RestMQ.

Now we also have Babershop:

Barbershop is a simple priority queue daemon written in C using libevent and some well-crafted indexes and reverse indexes. With Barbershop, your created jobs’ ids are injected into Barbershop and the clients then query Barbershop for the next task/job to perform. You get the power that is Redis to scale tasks/jobs horizontally and the ability to increment and peak into a priority queue to adjust your application as needed.

Interesting ☞ comment from Salvatore Sanfilippo (@antirez)

Btw IMHO the way to go for Redis priority queues is mapping the priority to a discrete number of Redis lists instead going continuous