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The State of CouchDB With Comments

With the whole confusion surrounding and the lack of energy in the Couch[addsuffixhere] world, my attention has slowly shifted away. Thus, it was only last night that I’ve read Jan Lehnardt’s “State of CouchDB” post.

Couple of notes:

  • Jan Lehnardt is out of Couchbase (as an employee) and plans to focus again (a part of his time) on Apache CouchDB
  • he’s the first person directly related to CouchDB that finally accepts publicly the whole confusion created around CouchDB and the companies connected in some way or another to it. I was really, really tired repeating this for the last 2 years.
  • “people who really get to know CouchDB are extremely passionate about it” — I read this as passive aggressive style. According to my data the people interested in CouchDB were fewer and fewer by the day.
  • there are plans for what’s coming next in CouchDB. The post gives a short list of 4 things, but the real ones are in the gist I’ve linked to earlier
    • BigCouch merging has been mentioned for so long that right now it feels like “waiting for the unicorn”
  • Jan Lehnardt mentions (and is excited) about the alphabet of _ouchDB projects. I’ll say it one more time: they’re probably cool, but long term they’ll perpetuate the confusion. Unfortunately there’s nothing much to be done now.
  • I’m glad to read a state of a union from a person that has been involved for so long with CouchDB. But in the world of open source, it’s only the facts that matter. Sometimes reviving a project or regaining users is more difficult than starting from scratch.
  • “We had a hard year, lost our traction, and we still came out on top.” Nope.

Original title and link: The State of CouchDB With Comments (NoSQL database©myNoSQL)