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Big Data: 3 Questions to Ask When Comparing Relational to NoSQL Databases

Dave Beulke1:

  1. What feature justify using NoSQL over relational database?
    Hopefully, the answer is not buzz words or acronyms and is something truly in the NoSQL databases;

  2. What type of Big Data transaction consistency is required?
    Ask if the big data analysis in the NoSQL database needs to be repeatable and reliable.

  3. Do you realize that a Big Data application using an open source NoSQL database is going to cost more than a relational database?

I think the first question is great, the second could be a great question if such databases supporting repeatable and re-creatable results2 would actually exist, but the third one convinced me someone has something to sell.

  1. Dave Beulke is an internationally recognized DB2 consultant, DB2 trainer and education instructor. 

  2. Dave Beulke refers to ACID guarantees, but those are not actually providing repeatable and re-creatable results in the true sense. I think Datomic model is the closest to offering this behavior. 

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