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Counting Triangles Smarter (Or How to Beat Big Data Vendors at Their Own Game)

Davy Suvee showing that Datablend’s custom datastore could deliver better performance than generic solutions like Hadoop, Vertica, or ExaData:

Although Vertica and Oracle’s results are impressive, they require a significant hardware setup of 4 nodes, each containing 96GB of RAM and 12 cores. My challenge: beating the Big Data vendors at their own game by calculating triangles through a smarter algorithm that is able to deliver similar performance on commodity hardware (i.e. my MacBook Pro Retina).

Considering the size of the data (86mil. relationships), I wonder what the result would be using a graph database like Neo4j. Anyone up for testing it?

Original title and link: Counting Triangles Smarter (Or How to Beat Big Data Vendors at Their Own Game) (NoSQL database©myNoSQL)