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Script for Launching a 100-node Riak Cluster

Remember last week’s discussion about administering and scaling up a Riak cluster on Amazon EC2? Reid Draper created a Python script to launch a 100-node Riak cluster:

The script launches a master node, and notes its IP address. The other 99 nodes are launched and told to join the master. Riak doesn’t currently have provisions to deal with many nodes trying to join the cluster at once. To avoid the thundering-herd problem I simply have each node sleep for a random time, such that nodes are joining, on average, one every 15 seconds.

In his test he got a 95-node (97 after re-adding 2 nodes) cluster up in about 35 minutes.

Original title and link: Script for Launching a 100-node Riak Cluster (NoSQL databases © myNoSQL)