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NoSQL Week in Review 14

It looks like I’ve made it to the 14th edition of the NoSQL week in review, even if I was a bit sick lately and also missed a reliable internet connection for the last days. But to start of with a good news to compensate, I am quite proud to let you know that myNoSQL is an official media partner for the ☞ NoSQL event organized by 10gen in Boston on March 11th, so I hope I’ll be able to cover the event at least as well as I did for FOSDEM NoSQL event.

This last week seems to have continued to be under the sign of the Twitter interview on Cassandra, so we’ve learned about more Cassandra usecases, plus some fundamental Cassandra partitioning strategies and embedded Cassandra.

Talking about usecases, we’ve also looked at an emerging Redis usecase: queues, compared the some offline and production notes on MongoDB and looked at a very simple generic NoSQL usecase: note taking apps.

We also had a fair share of presentations and videos: Persistent graphs in Python with Neo4j, Intro to MongoDB by Alex Sharp and Relaxing with CouchDB. And there were some other posts that you can check in the NoSQL week in review section.

What’s Hot in the NoSQL World

  1. 6 Valid Questions for Every (NoSQL) Project
  2. FleetDB: An Interview with Mark McGranaghan
  3. 3 Sweet Spots for MapReduce
  4. Getting Up to Speed with CouchDB and Java
  5. MongoDB and File System Durability Explained

Unfortunately while it looks like the community found interesting the 6 questions for every NoSQL project we haven’t really got some answers, so here is a I’d like to hear from you, the NoSQL readers what NoSQL projects would you be interested in hearing an answer from?

I am quite happy that you’ve found interesting the interview with Mark about FleetDB, the Clojure implemented schema-free database.

Last, but not least, in case you are planning to use MongoDB, I’d strongly suggest spending some time on offline and production notes on MongoDB as it is a very condensed way to understand quite a few details about it.

New NoSQL Releases

As far as I can tell, this week we only had Mongo 1.3.3 a development release about which you can read more ☞ here.

Update: It looks like there was also a Redis release the other day. Redis 1.2.4 fixed an issue with replication for dump files larger than 2GB.

NoSQL Week in Review

Before closing up with our weekly wish, I was wondering if you noticed the new logo on the right column. And with that, I wish us all a great NoSQL week!