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Hadoop and Vertica: Using the Right Tools for Managing the Obama Campaign

Dan Woods in a post titled “How Vertica was the star of the Obama campaign, and other revelations” (nb: I feel my title is more accurate though) detailing how the technical team behind Obama campaign used a combination of Hadoop and Vertica to handle data:

The Obama campaign did have Hadoop running in the background, doing the noble work of aggregating huge amounts of data, but the biggest win came from good old SQL on a Vertica data warehouse and from providing access to data to dozens of analytics staffers who could follow their own curiosity and distill and analyze data as they needed.

If you are a vendor you’d probably emphasize the importance of your tool. And the closest to the end user it is the easier it is to do that. But we all know that all components of a large system are critical. Take one out and you’re left without the possibility to ingest, or process, or store, or present data. Pretty much a useless system.

Original title and link: Hadoop and Vertica: Using the Right Tools for Managing the Obama Campaign (NoSQL database©myNoSQL)