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NoSQL and Big Data Money News


  1. Cloudant has received an undisclosed investment from Samsun Ventures

  2. Think Big Analytics, a Big Data consulting company raised $3mil. from former Cisco executive Dan Scheinman and WI Harper Group

Hortonwork’s announces Certification Program for Apache Hadoop

Hortonworks’ New Certification Program Enables the Next Generation Data Architecture with Apache Hadoop:

[…]today announced the launch of the Hortonworks Certified Technology Program, designed to help customers choose leading enterprise software that has been tested to integrate with Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP), the only 100-percent open source Apache Hadoop distribution. By certifying technologies, Hortonworks is taking the risk out of the technology selection, thereby accelerating and simplifying customers’ big data projects. The Program strengthens and expands the Apache Hadoop ecosystem, while helping to increase the enterprise capabilities of Apache Hadoop.

I assume the model here is that vendors pay Hortonworks for this certification and they can use the Hortonworks stamp when talking to customers.

DataStax’s Next Great Data Developer Contest

Two scholarships up to $10,000 each for computer science students from North America enrolled in a Bachelor or Master program. Announcement here and blog post here.

Last, but not necessarily money-related:

MySQL 5.6 Released

I’m still reading about what’s new in MySQL 5.6, but what caught my eyes while skimming over the docs is support for online DDL.

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